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Auto Performance

Our auto performance parts and accessories that we offer cover all your auto performance needs for off-road trucks to road racers.

Roush Auto Performance

Visit the Roush Performance Website.

Programmers & Modules

Control power settings on the fly. Increased fuel economy. Helps eliminate downshifting while towing.

Power Tuning

Tunes superchips giving you the more power, torque, fuel efficiency and improved drivability.

Airflow Enhancers

Streamlines the airflow cleanly around the center butterfly divider, resulting in an overall increase in airflow through the engine.

Ignition & Fuel Systems

Designed to work with stock and slightly modified engines making up to 550 horse power using a fuel injection system.

Power Coil Kits

High output voltage, more spark energy, no drop off in power as rpms increase, wider plug gaps, brass terminals, constructed with “burn through” resistant materials.

Cooling System Enhancers

Replaces factory thermostat.

Power Chargers

Larger diameter provides a greater volume of air directly above the throttle bores, yielding measurable gains in horsepower and torque.

Exhaust Systems

Will create the most free flowing, low back pressure systm in the industry allowing the turbo to move air more freely, reducing exhaust temperatures.

Injection Kits

Infinity Conversions has a variety of propane tanks to fit your specific application. We carry the top of the line brands in diesel nitrous technology!

Fuel Pressure Gauge

A must when pressure adjustments are necessary. Guage is calibrated 0-100.

Cool Fan Switch

Turns on cooling fans earlier for more horsepower. Reduces the chance of overheating.

Air Intakes

Increased air-flow creates better engine cylinder filling, can be used with any grade of fuel for more power and economy.


Available in chrome plated, stainless steel, silver ceramic and black ceramic.

Power Cables

Extra thick — ultra low resistance — high heat boots — 100% silicone jacket — custom tailored — cylinder I.D. labels.


Straight-through, wide open design, 100% stainless steel construction, fully polished or satin-finish.

Exhaust Tips

Our exhaust tips will add the finishing touch to your exhaust system. Available in 4 and 6 inches.

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