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Window Tinting

We offer high-quality window tinting and carry the latest in automotive window film

3M Films

FX Premium delivers good looks and great performance, keeping you and your passengers cool and comfortable. As 3M’s newest automotive window film addition, FX Premium offers an economical alternative without sacrificing quality. Because FX Premium is non-metallized, you will enjoy no signal interference on your cell phone, satellite radio or GPS system.

These darker shaded films are designed to reject solar heat that is produced from visible light. FX Premium rejects up to 45% of the heat coming through your windows. FX Premium films also provide significant glare relief, allowing only 5% to 55% of the light into your car.

GeoShield Ceramic

Energy-Efficient Solar Window Film

Geoshield Window Films is working to advance window film as an energy efficient technology. We’ve developed a new generation of architecturally designed solar window film products that dramatically improve window efficiency without altering the look of your windows. By improving the performance of existing glass windows, you can decrease air conditioning cost and improve comfort in an environmentally friendly way. Geoshield solar control, automotive tint and safety films can improve any glass or window, and are great for your home, office building, retail storefronts, auto, or boat.

Infrared Nano-ceramic technology has revolutionized the window tint industry, allowing Geoshield to distribute ceramic wholesale window tint that is virtually clear, not shiny or dark but will reject much more solar energy than conventional metalized or dyed window tint.

As energy prices continue to rise, homeowners and businesses are seeking an economical alternative to high-energy costs and the sun’s damaging UV rays. Solar heat that passes through windows may account for up to 40% percent of the cooling needs for a home or business. Geoshield Window Films can lower summer cooling costs by up to 25 percent, in turn reducing the need for more CO2-producing power plants and a smaller overall carbon footprint. By retrofitting your windows with Geoshield ceramic window tint, you are also helping the environment by keeping your old glass and windows out of the landfills at a fraction of the cost of new windows. Geoshield window films allow homeowners and businesses to enjoy their existing windows, light and views while saving money on utility bills especially during hours of peak demand.

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